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University of Michigan Career FAQs


System Availability and Maintenance Schedules

On the "posting end date," what time does a job opening become unavailable for application?
Job openings become unavailable for applications at 11:59 p.m. of the stated posting end date or during scheduled system maintenance.  The system will not allow you to complete or save your application once the posting period ends or the maintenance window begins.
What times during the day is the system available for applying to a posted job opening?
Jobs that are posted are available for application:
• Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - 4 a.m.
• Saturday, 6 a.m. - 11 p.m.
• Sunday, 7:30 a.m. - Monday, 4 a.m.

The system shuts down for maintenance at 4 a.m. Sunday - Friday and 11 p.m. Saturday. Please complete or save your application prior to the start of daily maintenance. The system will not allow you to complete or save your application once the maintenance window starts.

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Where Am I?

There are two websites for applicants:

  1. Careers at the U: Search/ Home page(
    From this location you may research current job postings and get information about working at the University of Michigan. Below is the website's front page:

    Careers at the U homepage

    If you have already registered, clicking Login Here on the front page, OR the Apply Now button located on any Job posting takes you to the second applicant website (Careers at the U: Gateway).

  2. Careers at the U: Gateway
    From this location, which is called the 'Gateway', you may apply for job postings, review your job application list, manage your personal profile information, upload/manage resumes and attach other documents. Below is the Gateway's front page:

    Careers at the U Gateway

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Registration Information

How do I register?

FOR U-M REGULAR EMPLOYEES: For U-M Regular Employees, registration is already complete. Select the link for "U-M Regular Employee" and login using your uniqname and UMICH (Level One/Kerberos) password. The only information retained in eRecruit is your first name, last name, and current home address. Include any other contact information in your resume.

Your U-M supplied "" email address is the default email address of record and cannot be changed. Please work with your IT help desk to ensure a forwarding order is set up so that you can receive automated emails from the system or follow the steps here:

FOR U-M TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES, U-M STUDENTS, and EXTERNAL APPLICANTS: Registration is part of the application process. Click the Apply Now button from any job Posting, and select the link for "U-M Temporary Employee", or "External Applicant". Complete the registration process by creating a User Name and Password, and providing a valid Email Address. Note for U-M Temporary Employees and U-M Students: the system considers you an external applicant. As an external applicant, this system does not automatically recognize your uniqname and UMICH password, you must register and select a username and password for use on this site. You may also use your U-M supplied email address when prompted to provide an email address; note that all employment process correspondence is sent to this email address. Free email accounts can be created through Hotmail, Yahoo! and others.
What is the definition of temporary staff at Michigan?

There are three (3) categories of temporary employment:

A. University of Michigan Student Employee
A University of Michigan Student Employee is:

a) an individual enrolled in the University of Michigan, and
b) employed by the University of Michigan, and
c) whose primary purpose for being at the University of Michigan is to obtain an education.

B. Non-University of Michigan Student Employee
A Non-University of Michigan Student is:

a) an individual enrolled full time in high school or enrolled for six credit hours or more at a college or university other than the University of Michigan, and
b) employed by the University of Michigan.

C. Temporary Employee (Non-Student)
Temporary Non-Student employees are not students as defined in Section A or B. A Non-Student temporary employee is an employee whose employment is:

a) in a specific position not limited in duration but is sporadic or casual (normally 8 hours or less per week), or
b) fixed at the time of employment for:

    • a specific project, or
    • relief for regular employee absences including vacations or termination, or
    • augmenting regular staff occasioned by increased workloads or other conditions that may create a short term need.

c) For Non-Students, temporary employment may be either part time or full time, but in either case is limited in duration, not exceeding 12 months (for AFSCME and Trades regulations, see contractual language). In the instance of a specific project as mentioned above, the fixed appointment may be set to a maximum of 18 months if approval prior to employment is received from the Human Resource Office or staff responsible for Employment. There is no maximum duration an individual can remain a student employee if the above criteria under A or B as applicable are met.

d) For Non-Students, a temporary appointment may not be made for the purpose of a trial period for an individual being considered for a regular appointment or as a “probationary period” preceding regular employment.

Temporary Employees Are Covered By: The University’s Overtime Policy, Worker’s Compensation, Social Security, Unemployment Compensation (subject to the student exclusion required by State Law), and Travel Accident Insurance Plan. Temporary employment does not establish eligibility for regular staff benefits.

I've misplaced my User Name and/or Password; can you reset it for me?
Yes. If you misplace your User Name and/or Password, the system can reset it for you. When you are asked to Login, click Login Help, and choose an Option. If you 'Forgot your Password', enter your User Name and click Get New Password. If you 'Forgot your User Name', enter your Email Address and click Find User Name. In either case, the updated information is sent to you via email. Remember that the Password field is case sensitive.

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Time Out Information

Is there a time-out?
Yes. You are timed out after 30 minutes of inactivity.
What happens if I'm timed out?
Unless you save your work as you go, a time out deletes everything. If you save your work, but then go over the 30 minute time-out, you lose anything entered after the last Save.
How can I prevent being timed out?
Save your work often. If you get interrupted in the middle of filling out the application, take the time to Save prior to leaving your workstation.
Can the time-out limit be increased?
No. This limit applies to more than just and cannot be modified.

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Resumes and Cover Letters

Combine your resume and cover letter in a single document, upload it as part of the application process. Begin by selecting Apply Now on a job posting and follow the prompts to Upload a new resume.

I saved an application to finish later. How do I find and finish it?
Log into the Careers at the U: Gateway, click on the Applications link in the My Career Tools box to see the list of jobs openings for which you have applied. Look for the application you saved by locating the Job number and then click on the ‘Not Applied” link in the application column to complete the process. Note: The job must be currently posted on the website to complete the saved application.
I don't have a resume, what should I do?
Uploading and submitting a resume is the recommended method of application. If you are unable to create a resume, include detailed information in each section of the online application when applying for a job posting . Please note that when using this option, the content and format of the information cannot be modified in any way. This method is only recommended when you are unable to upload a formatted copy of your resume/cover letter.
What resume/cover letter document formats are accepted on the site?
The system accepts resumes/cover letters created in a .DOC (Word 97-2003), .DOCX (Word 2007), .PDF (Portable Document Format), .TXT (Plain Text File) , .HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language - web page),or .RTF (Rich Text Format). Uploading your resume/cover letter as a Microsoft Word document is the recommended format.
Can I attach additional documents or documents of other formats?
Yes you can. After you log into the Careers at the U: Gateway, click My Career Tools, then click Add Attachment. Identify the Attachment Type and Attachment Purpose. Then click Add Attachment, choose the document from the Browse window, click Upload, then click Save & Return. Document format types are not limited with the Add Attachment function.
Can I include cover letters?
Cover letters must be combined into a single document with your resume. They cannot be submitted separately.
How can I tell if my resume/application was accepted?
The system sends emails confirming successful application.
Can I see a list of all the Job Openings for which I have applied?
Yes you can. After you log into the Careers at the U: Gateway, click on the Applications link in the My Career Tools box to see the list of jobs openings for which you have applied. Note: to view all your applications it may be necessary to click on View 100.
I accidentally submitted the wrong version of my resume or did not include my cover letter in the document, can I resubmit it?
U-M policy dictates that once submitted, your materials cannot be modified, and the system only allows you to apply for a Job Opening posting once per registered user account.
As an applicant, can I delete my old resumes?
No, they become part of a legal record we are required to maintain for a period of time. They will be deleted by a purge process once they are 4 years or older.
Can I change, update, or edit documents that have been submitted?
Once documents have been submitted to a job opening they cannot be modified.

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Searching for jobs

On the Careers at the U: SEARCH/Home Page (

How do I search for Jobs?

If you are looking for jobs in a specific career interest field or a specific work location, or you only want to see full or part time job openings, use the Job Search feature by clicking on Job Search or using the quick Job Search panel on the front page.

If you are looking for a specific job, and you know the Title, or Job Posting ID, click More Search Options to go to an Advanced Job Search page where you can enter additional search parameters.

How do I search for jobs at a specific campus location?
If you are looking for jobs in a specific location, click the down arrow on the Work Location field and choose the location from the drop down list, then click Search.
How do I search for Part Time jobs?
To find part time jobs, click the down arrow on the Full/Part Time field, and choose Part Time, then click Search.
How do I improve the results of keyword searches?

Keyword searches look for word matches within the job title and descriptive text of the job posting. General words may be found in many postings. If you search two words, such as customer service, your search includes all jobs with the words customer or service in them.

Helpful Hint: Instead of using the Keyword search on the front page, click on More Search Options. Use the Advanced Job Search function by entering parameters in the panel labeled "Find job postings that have. . ." These fields also search within the job title and description text of the job posting, but allow you to tailor your search criteria to more closely fit your need.

How do I search for Nursing jobs?
To find a Nursing job, click the down arrow on the Career Interest field and click on the Nursing career interest of choice. Alternatively, contact a Nurse Recruiter at 1-877-NURSE-UMHS or visit the Nurse Recruitment and Retention web page at
How do I search for AFSCME jobs?
To find an AFSCME job, click the down arrow on the Career Interest field and choose Service Maintenance (AFSCME union), then click Search.
Can I change the order of the Search Results?
Yes. Click on the header name of the category/column header you wish to sort by, which highlights the adjacent arrowhead. Click on a highlighted arrowhead to sort the job openings in ascending or descending order according to that category/column.
How do I view all of the types of job classifications at U-M?
The Compensation & Classification website contains information on all classifications in use at U-M. While the Careers at the U: Search/Home page displays detailed postings for jobs currently open, the Compensation & Classification site offers information and links to tools that show you brief market descriptions for virtually every job classification at U-M.
What is the Career Path Navigator and how can it help me as a current U-M employee?
Designed as a general guide to assist in your personal career planning, this site will show you how your current position relates to other market titles in the Career Family Classification System. The site allows you to review and compare positions and even career changes.
Is there a way to continue my review of jobs where I left off?
Use the back arrow on your browser to return to the last page of jobs you were viewing. Note: Be sure to clear the cache files from your computer after every session when using the Back Arrow to navigate.
How can I look for jobs that have been newly posted today?

On the Careers at the U: Search/Home page, click View All in the RECENT POSTINGS panel to see all jobs posted today.

Alternatively, you can run your search, and the Date Sorted column displays the most recent dates first, allowing you to identify today's postings. You can also run your favorite search and click on the RSS feed icon at the bottom of the search results page, triggering an email message to your account each time a job is posted that meets your search criteria.

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General Application Process Information

Do I need to fill out the Application if I attached a Resume?
Yes. However, the system does retain the information and answers you submitted on previous applications, and populates those fields on each future application. It is recommended that you review and update the information and answers every time you apply. Review the Application Questionnaire portion carefully. There may be new questions that you have not answered before, in which case you need to answer those questions.
How soon after I apply for a job does my information go to the hiring supervisor?
As soon as you apply for a job, your submitted materials are available to the hiring manager. Depending on the number of applications received and the department's search process, it may be several weeks before you know the outcome. If you are not selected for an interview and the job is filled, you will receive an automated email message relating the filled status of the position.
How long does it take to hear from the department?
Hiring supervisors generally begin contacting qualified candidates within a couple of weeks after receipt of their resume. You may or may not hear from the department depending on your qualifications match to those stated in the job posting.
I saw a Job posted on the site yesterday and cannot find it today. Can I still apply?
If the Job Opening posting is not visible on the website, the hiring department is no longer accepting applications. Should the department decide to expand the current applicant pool, the job will be reposted using the same Job ID number.
Why can’t I locate my school name, field of study or license/certification on the application menus? How can I enter my information?
The post secondary education and licensure and certification fields are not all inclusive at this time. If you are unable to locate your specific information, skip the field(s) and include the information on your submitted resume. Please note, when using the look-up function to find your school name, try clicking on the search icon next to the School field and changing the search parameter for School to Description ‘contains”. and type in the most unique word in the school name to obtain a list of results to choose from. It can be a little tricky to complete the search using the full spelling of the school, since the search parameter you enter needs to match the table description exactly for it to appear in the results. It helps to leave the search parameters a little broader, which means you have to look at more records, but it also gives better results.
How long does my resume stay active in the system?
Your information stays active indefinitely as long as you are actively applying. It is recommended that you review your resume information to ensure the most current information is submitted to the hiring department. If you are not actively applying for job openings, your information is purged after 4 years of inactivity.
How do I determine the current status of a specific job application?
When a position you've applied for is filled, you receive an email notice telling you that the position is closed/filled. You can also login and use your personal home page to check which positions have been filled. If the link to the posting is no longer active, the position has been filled.
How do I contact a Nurse Recruiter?
Contact a Nurse Recruiter at 1-877-NURSE-UMHS.
Do I apply for Health System and campus jobs using the same system?
Yes. All University staff jobs use the same electronic application process. To learn more about Health System jobs in particular, you can also visit the U-M Health System's careers website
What are the salary ranges for jobs?
Salary information for individual jobs is generally a part of the job posting. If a salary range is not listed, the hiring manager provides the information during the selection process.
I don't have a computer at home ~ how can I apply for positions?
You may come into any U-M employment offices or use a computer at a public library. Additionally, U-M students and employees can visit one of the computing sites at the University. Please view the website for additional information
I don't know how to use a computer - how can I apply for positions?
We can assist you in any U-M employment office.

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Pre-Employment Screening (PEP)

Does the University require Pre-Employment Screening?
The Pre-Employment Program screening is required for some Health System positions. It helps facilitate the selection process for office-clerical, administrative, service-maintenance and patient care services positions. If the position you are applying for requires PEP screening, you will be notified after you have applied for the job.

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Background Checks

Does the University conduct background checks on new employees?
The University of Michigan conducts background checks on all job candidates upon acceptance of a contingent job offer, and may use a third party administrator to conduct the background checks. Background checks are performed in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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What web browsers are supported by the Careers at the U web page?
The site is designed to work with (* designates a recommended browser):


Windows XP
IE 7*
IE 8

Firefox 3.6
Firefox 7
Chrome 13

Windows Vista
IE 7*
IE 8
IE 9
Firefox 3.6
Firefox 7
Chrome 13

Windows 7
IE 8*
Firefox 3.6
Firefox 7
Chrome 13


OS X 10.3 (Panther)
Safari 3*
Safari 4
Safari 5
Firefox 3.6
Firefox 7
Chrome 13

OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
Safari 3.3*
Safari 4
Safari 5
Firefox 3.6
Firefox 7
Chrome 13

OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
Safari 3.3*
Safari 4
Safari 5
Firefox 3.6
Firefox 7
Chrome 13

OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Safari 3*
Safari 4
Safari 5
Firefox 3.6
Firefox 7
Chrome 13


Why is the applicant system "booting me out" when I try to add information to the work experience or education fields?
This issue is likely software incompatibility with the new applicant system. Please verify that the operating system and internet browser software you are using to access the site is a certified combination. See the certified combinations above.
What is the best screen resolution setting for viewing job postings?
For best viewing of the Careers at the U web sites, a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or above is recommended.
My application is missing information like Work Experience and Post Secondary Education History. Will this affect my consideration for open positions?
If your application was submitted to a job opening prior to 6/4/10, the application format is from the prior system, and nothing is missing it's simply in a new format. Departments are aware of the conversion and should not hold the change in format against any applicant. In all cases, be sure your resume is well thought out and addresses the qualifications/duties of the job opening.

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RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Share, E-Verify


What is an RSS feed?

Would you like to have job postings sent directly to your Web browser or newsreader? Then you want to subscribe to the RSS feed.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Subscribe to the RSS feed and receive alerts to new job postings in one of two ways:

  1. Subscribe by clicking on the RSS icon on the homepage to receive daily notice of ALL new job postings.
  2. Customize your RSS to a specific job search. Immediately below your search result list there is an RSS icon. This RSS feed alerts you when jobs matching the criteria of your search are posted.

The RSS feed will contain links directly to new jobs postings identified by the Job Title and Job Opening Number.

Click here for more detail about RSS feeds in general:

How do I use RSS feeds?

First subscribe to a free news reader or aggregator. It's a tool that collects the updates on your selected RSS feeds. One very popular tool is Google Reader. Click here for more information on:

Or, if you have g-mail (Google e-mail), subscribe using your iGoogle account and place a feed of on your iGoogle homepage. Additionally, you can subscribe within your supported browser of choice (Firefox 3.0;Internet Explorer 7, 8; or Safari 3.1.x, 3.2.x) For more information, click on the image below for a "How to subscribe to the UMJobs RSS."

Using this Site: How to Get Job Alerts from

How do I sign up for job posting notices by e-mail?
  • Go to UMJOBS.ORG and search for your desired career at Michigan.
  • Review the search results. If you like the results and want to know about similar jobs as they are posted, scroll to the results list end.
  • Add your email address to the field and click the button labeled “Follow this feed via email.”
  • sends you a confirming email. Please follow the email instructions to receive notification of new jobs via e-mail alerts.
I already receive email alerts. Do I need to re-subscribe?

If you subscribed to an email alert on prior to December 21, 2012, you must sign up again using the above instructions. This is because, as of January 10, 2013, the previous service provider for email alerts, Feed My Inbox, has shut down. To continue receiving job alerts, you must subscribe using the instructions above.


What is Twitter and how can I use it to follow

Twitter is a website that connects hundreds of millions of users to create a real-time information network. It's a useful tool for keeping track of timely information that you are interested in — including job postings from

Click on the Twitter icon on the homepage. It takes you to Simply click on "follow" and get daily notices from of all new jobs at every single U-M campus — Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Flint, and the Health System.

Learn more about Twitter here:


What is Facebook and how can I use it to connect with

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. To use it to connect to job postings from, please become a fan of our public profile page.

Simply click here: or search on Facebook for "" and and click "Become a Fan" and get the latest job postings in your news feed.


What is the icon that looks like a white cross in a red box?
That little red box is actually holding a white "plus" symbol. The feature is called "Add This" and if you're interested in sharing with a friend or family member click on the icon on the homepage. This icon gives you a simple way to send information to your favorite social media site or through e-mail. . . all with just a few clicks.


What is e-Verify?

E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows an employer, using information reported on an employee's Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to determine the eligibility of that employee to work in the United States. For most employers, the use of E-Verify is voluntary and limited to determining the employment eligibility of new hires only. There is no charge to employers to use E-Verify. The E-Verify system is operated by the Department of Homeland Security in partnership with the Social Security Administration.

E-Verify is mandatory for the University of Michigan.

More information about this federal program is available here:

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Online Resources for Dual Career Couples

Are there any online resources available for dual career couples?
Yes. Visit the Dual Career Resources website ( for information about jobs at the University, major employers in the area, nearby colleges and universities, the community of Ann Arbor, English as a second language resources, and other career search and employment related links.

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Additional Help

  • Call the HR/Payroll Service Center between 8 a.m. — 5 p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Friday at (734) 615-2000
  • Come to one of our Employment Offices for individual assistance


U-M Ann Arbor
HR Service Center
Wolverine Tower—G250 (Ground Floor)
3003 South State Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1278
Telephone: 734-615-2000
8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m., Monday — Friday
Health System Human Resources
North Campus Administrative Complex
2901 Hubbard, Suite 1100
Ann Arbor, MI 48109/2435
(734) 647-5538
Hours: 7:30 a.m. — 5:00 p.m., Monday — Friday
U-M Flint
Office of Human Resources
213 University Pavilion
Flint, MI 48502-1950
Telephone: 810-762-3150
8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m., Monday — Friday
U-M Dearborn
Human Resources & Affirmative Action
1020 Administration Building
4901 Evergreen Rd
Dearborn, MI 48128
Telephone hone: 313-593-5190
8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m., Monday — Friday